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Eventually I’ll can things (two thousand years later)



Art for our SDCC 2014 signing card!

Inked by Danny Hynes, colored by Efrain Farias and Elle Michalka! 

I did the sketch! Plus some Hangul practice.



"take those off."

"no. they are mine now."


A very rushed LADY KNIGHT! Lady knight is a challenge created by dogbomber. I GOT: Weapon: Mace/club Build: Bulky. Personality: Evil. Culture: Celtic. Animal: Bear.



The last page of Jones’ guest comic! Thanks again, buddy! Be sure and check out their comic Helvetica!

hey! it’s the last page of the guest comic i did for BATTLE DOG! :D



commission for ziggyzagz of OCs sano and vice! ^o^

VERY IMPORTANT OTP I still love this so much hnnngghhhh major size difference cuties and I love them in your style!! I’m glad you had fun with them because it shows, I love this picture so much THANKS AGAIN SOY!! These two give me life and you have helped fuel it @w@ love your art!

Anonymous Asked:
That anon is wrong about one thing. Title of Book 4 is actually a huge rumour.

My answer:

Seems you’re right, I checked out a few sources and didn’t see any confirmation of the title, just the rumor. Thanks so much for clarifying!

Anonymous Asked:
They're currently doing the last bits of animation and post production stuff for Book 4. It's to be released online early 2015 (rumors indicate a January release). Book 4 is called Balance.

My answer:

Thanks pal!

a bunch of queer ladies

(cidrels broken ass wrists are holding treasure cuz she really, really loves treasure)

Book 1 was alright, book 2 started alright and ended in absolute disaster

yeah like both of them had their good parts and bad parts, of course the episodes with Wan were the gem of season 2, I wasn’t fond of a lot of the overtly childish interaction with Tenzin, Bumi and Kya personally. Book 1 started off good and ended so very rushed imo and 3 handles Mako so much more gracefully I don’t vehemently hate him anymore

Anonymous Asked:
First off, books one and two were good. You've just got shit taste. And yes. Book four is confirmed and was confirmed all the way back when book TWO was confirmed.

My answer:


sorry did my opinion hurt your feelings


peculiar double bass jam

korra season 3 was so good does anyone know if season 4 for sure is going to exist cause well lets be honest 1 and 2 were a huge fart and i know the viewership hurt so badly that the slot was changed ?? and now its like online only? (probably false) google shows me that theres plans for it but idk

I really like art and I also like to draw!
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